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Un-Spam Your Life: Tips & Tools For a Healthy Digital Life

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In recent weeks Google has seen more than 18 million daily malware and phishing emails related to COVID-19. 


Spam is annoying and dangerous. It’s also everywhere. With the current coronavirus crisis, cybercriminals are hard at work with securing domains and emails to take advantage of people’s fear and need for information. There has been a significant increase in both potentially malicious websites and scam emails being sent through the web. Emails like CDC-Covid19@cdc[.]gov. look like highly credible sources, but only lead to hackers taking advantage of your lack of knowledge. Hackers may even create content that you think is real, and while you are visiting their site, they have full access to your information. You may have seen the Coronavirus map below and might have thought of it as credible. Beware, because while you are viewing the map hackers are downloading malware onto your computer. 

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New Website Launched for Tacey Atkinson

Tacey Atkinson, like many other independent entrepreneurs, was at a loss. She had spent months working with unreliable website builders only to be left with a product that still did not meet her standards. She had a clear vision, a modern site that kept her “customers first” mission at the focus. Frustrated she turned to her peers hoping for some advice, luckily she was able to get a referral to SLK by a previous client. SLK was quick to act. Click the link to find out how we helped Tacey show her passion in an elegant way.

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New Logo and Website Launched for Hodur Construction Inc

John wanted a new elegant website with the ability to manage his content and projects in house. With a fresh modern logo and website John is now able to keep his content fresh and updated as projects are completed. Having multiple galleries based on each project allows his visitors to see all stages of a project and to see the potential of their own next project. John's visitors now have a direct avenue to contact him and to start the process for their next big project. Click the link to find out how we helped John show his passion in an elegant way.

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New Website Launched for European Monuments

European Monuments needed the ability to showcase the amazing hard work and dedication that goes into creating each one of a kind piece at their Oakville location. Using high resolution images and beautiful galleries partnered with a clean and modern website has given them the ability to reach a boarder audience. Having an open line of communication and the ability to keep the content fresh and up to date was just one way we helped bring their outdated website into this responsive world. Click the link to find out how else we helped this estabilished business stand out in the heart of Oakville.

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New Website Launched for First Choice Office Moving

First Choice Office Moving needed a website that would set them apart and showcase why they are the only place in GTA for your office moving and office furniture needs. First Choice's dedication to providing the best experience when moving your office or when fully furnishing your new or old office was the foundation to creating a simple and modern website. Providing all the informaiton in an easy to read platform that was responsive on any device allowed them to manage the site on the go. Click to find out how else we helped First Choice bring their idenity to a broader audience.

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New Logo and Website Launched for Embrace Health Services

Arlene needed the ability to spread her message to a greater audience. With a fresh new modern logo and easy to manage website, Arlene is able to show her passion for all things health and to build discussions around important topics that affect everyone. Having a blog allows her to raise awareness for issues that are affecting society in this modern age. Click the link to find out how else we helped Arlene bring her message to life.

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New Website Launched for Edges Skate Sharpening

Kyle needed a website that would set him apart and showcase why he is the best place in Milton to get your skates sharpened. Kyle's passion and dedication was the foundation to creating a modern and clean website that was fully responsive plus easy for him to manage. Big and bright images make Edges website a pleasure to view. Click the link below to find out how else we helped Kyle bring the right edge to Milton's skating scene.

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New Webiste and Logo Adjustments for Chasing Happiness

Word travel and life happiness is what made this website stand out. Redesigned logo and custom mockup let SLK transform this outdated website into an easy to manage outlet for Crystal to stay in contact with all her readers and followers. Visit our portfolio to read more of how SLK helped Chasing Happiness reach her audience easier.

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New Website for Hitherfield School

Elegance and a touch of nature is what made Hitherfield School’s website come to life. Freshened up the logo and a full mock-up allowed SLK the ability to transform their outdated site to a newly modernized and easy to use website that will stand apart from other private schools. Visit our portfolio to read more of how SLK helped Hitherfield School with the transition.

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New Logo and New Website for TWT Productions

SLK is happy to add to our ever growing family. We are proud to launch a new logo and website for TWT Productions. We were able to capture Tony's love for all things multimedia in the website and logo. Visit our portfolio to read more of how SLK helped TWT stand apart.

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Watch Out for Domain Phishing and Scams

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Whenever you receive an email or letter parcel asking for information regarding your domain and you are unsure about it, don’t hesitate to contact us for clarification. These emails are created to scare you into providing personal information without investigating. They use words and phrases like ‘final’, ‘failure to pay’, ‘failure to reply’, ‘and immediate attention required’. These are all used to trigger the fear of the unknown. Always remember to take some extra steps to verify when your personal information is requested.

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Be the master of your domain.

We all know that securing an appropriate domain name is imperative to the online success of your business. A domain name is basically your Internet address, but more importantly, it’s how people recognize and find you online.

It is extremely beneficial for anyone looking to create an independent business website to invest a small amount of money to register their own domain name and pay for their website’s hosting. Neither will cost a significant amount of money but are essential in order to have control over your own domain

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