Hodur Construction Inc.

A logo is a calling card for any company. A good logo can attract clients, especially those who are more visually inclined. A dated logo can make a client second guess the reliability of a company. John at Hodur Construction Inc. felt that it was time to modernize their logo and refresh Hodur’s calling card. SLK was happy to be on task.

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Web Design & Development

We used modern colors that complemented each other as well as a clean style to bring the feel of elegance. With the use of a slideshow on the homepage the images let the work speak for itself. Multiple photo galleries will allow the visitor to view each project and see their next dream home or find inspiration for their current and future projects.

Branding Process

Hodur required a fresh new look and feel for the website and logo. Using the elements of construction (the steel color, the layers and structures of buildings) we focused on the first two letters, which, in isolation can be used as a symbol/crest for marketing materials. We chose a dark blue colour with a grey gradient to make the logo and crest stand out when used on uniforms or on marketing materials. The logo complements and blends into the website. We used a classic font to create a sleek, modern website to launch with the company’s new direction and showcase their extensive portfolio for maximum added value. John wanted to create a feeling of elegance and top class synonymous with the construction work they take on. Thanks to SLK’s team effort in both executive cutting-edge design and open communication with the client, John is extremely pleased with the final product, which fits great into the company’s new chapter.

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Hodur Construction typography

Color Palette

Hodur Construction colour palette

Roboto Condensed

Our approach was to use modern colors to make the menu clean and easy to read. We wanted to ensure an elegant and user-friendly experience for all visitors.

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Responsive Design

Whether browsing at home or on the go, our designers and developers made it possible for potential clients to connect with John at Hodur Construction and get all of the information they need in a simplified way.

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