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First Choice Office Moving approached us to help build them an identity for their ever-growing company. They required the ability to showcase popular products they offer and services they provide to a broader audience. First Choice wanted the option to have their customers submit online requests to help with their sales process. First Choice is a full-service company and we had to showcase what they do best to help clients see why they are the first choice when it comes to office moving and furniture.


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Web Design & Development

We choose to go with a simple yet modern design to leave the information at the fore front. Getting all the information about what they offer and how those services can help you with your office transition was the main focal point. First Choice needed the ability to maintain the content and keep everything looking fresh. Their products change so frequently so they needed an easy and quick way to update the products. They are extremely happy with the outcome and can’t wait to push the conversation in the right direction around office moving.


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Color Palette

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With products changing so frequently they needed the ability to easy maintain the site. This can even be achieve via their phones.

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Responsive Design

Whether you’re at home or on the go, our designers and developers made it possible for all clients to connect with First Choice Office Moving. We wanted to provide a place to get all of the information and showcase new products that are available to customers in a simplified way.

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"SLK I.T. Solutions went above and beyond to help bring our company online. They were there to anwser any question we had and any tipes to streamline our content."
Steven, First Choice Office Moving