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Embrace Health services is an online safe space for people in need of mental and emotional support. Arlene approached SLK to help her create a nurturing sense of safety for her website. The goal was that when seeking help, individuals would instantly feel comforted on her website, a caring place where they could access reliable and up to date information to help them through their difficulties. In order to do this, Arlene needed an updated logo, a way to keep relevant information flowing, and a way of receiving instant feedback. We fulfilled her needs by creating a refreshing and uplifting logo, creating a blog where Arlene can write about important topics and where readers can comment, reach out to her, and provide feedback.

The digital landscape can be a great place for connection, but it can also be a scary place. Embrace Health Services hopes to brighten up dark days by having a safe place to build discussions. SLK was able to help them achieve their goal. Embrace was extremely happy with the outcome of the website and the logo created. Thanks to our success in delivering on Arlene’s vision she has recommended our services to others in her industry. Our greatest pride is our client’s happiness and full satisfaction with the services we have provided.

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Web Design & Development

Creating a safe space required creating a soft, yet supportive logo. SLK achieved that by creating a logo with a heart and hands to create a feeling of embrace and support, the heart representing the emotional and the hands representing the support that Embrace provides. The logo’s light blue color brings the softness of sympathy, and sometimes empathy, that embrace provides. Together, design and color, achieve a feeling of tranquility, peace, and elegance.


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Color Palette

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Helvetica Neue

Arlene can now keep her website up to date with new discussions and relative topics that matter. As added value, she also has a central location to keep the discussion going in a judgment-free environment.

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Responsive Design

Whether at home or on the go, our designers and developers made it possible for all types of audiences to stay in contact with Arlene at Embrace Health Services and to stay on top of everything that matters.

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“Sylwester and Allen brought my vision to life for Embrace Health Services. They are professional, creative and they make a tremendous difference and their work has already created a unique difference in my professional portfolio. I cannot thank them enough."
Arlene, Embrace Health Services