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Arlene at Embrace Health Services approached us to help bring her strong message to a broader audience. Arlene needed a fresh logo and the ability to communicate her message in a clean and modern way, while also being able to share experiences with her growing audience. We decided to create a logo with a heart and hands to represent the feeling of being embraced. Using a bright blue color helped the logo stand out on the website and when used on any other marketing material. Embrace needed a way to keep the discussion going by sharing fresh content on the topics that matter and by getting instant feedback. We created a blog to allow Arlene to easily share her message through the blog and this allowed her to keep conversation going with the public about the topics that matter. The online world is a scary place and Embrace Health Services hopes to brighten up those darkened days by having a safe place to build discussions.

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Web Design & Development

SLK went with using bright and light blue colors which made the website feel very elegant and tranquil. Having soft colors and a strong message is how we made this website stand above the rest. Embrace was extremely happy with the outcome of the website and the direction that the logo went. Having the feeling of being embraced is represented in the logo which is the main focal point. Arlene was so proud of the outcome and has already recommended our services to other people in her industry.


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Color Palette

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Helvetica Neue

Arlene can now keep her website up to date with new discussions and relative topics that matter. Plus a central location to keep the discussion going in a none judging place.

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Responsive Design

Whether you’re at home or on the go, our designers and developers made it possible for all types of audiences to stay in contact with Arlene at Embrace Health Services and to stay on top of everything that matters at Embrace Health Services.

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“Sylwester and Allen brought my vision to life for Embrace Health Services. They are professional, creative and they make a tremendous difference and their work has already created a unique difference in my professional portfolio. I cannot thank them enough."
Arlene, Embrace Health Services