Chasing Happiness

Chasing Happiness’ website was outdated and hard to manage. It needed a revamp, and Crystal trusted us to make that happen. Website functions were complicated and Crystal needed SLK to simplify the website so that she could achieve maximum time efficiency. Her website also needed to reflect the positivity of her message.

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Web Design & Development

SLK’s task to design an updated logo morphed into a fully responsive and custom mock up. We got to know Crystal personally, discovering her passions and what drives her, details that were used to personalize the logo and the website. The website’s bright pink color added a romantic touch while the purple color added vitality and vibrance, an excitement for life. The logo was created as a symbol of Crystal’s love for travel, and also as a metaphor for the journey listeners take with her in Chasing Happiness. Having great photography and world travel as the bases, we let the content stand at the forefront. Crystal was extremely satisfied with the outcome which gave her enthusiasm to continue building and adding content to her beautiful and functional website. She now has no limitation to chasing her own happiness.


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Color Palette

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Giving Crystal the ability to manage her whole website has made it easier for her to stay in touch with what matters– her viewers and listeners

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Responsive Design

Whether at home or on the go, our designers and developers made it possible for all her followers to connect with Crystal at Chasing Happiness and to stay on top of everything Crystal is doing to chase her own happiness.

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“SLK I.T. Solutions was able to help me get away from my old outdated site and transformed it into a beautiful and functional website that allows me to stay in contact with everyone."
Crystal, Chasing Happiness