Tacey Atkinson

Tacey came to SLK via a referral from another customer. Tacey was spending countless hours working with a website builder and after 3 months of hard work she wasn’t close to the look and feel she was trying to achieve. SLK helped her understand her vision and put it in a interactive mock-up. Tacey had very unique requirements which included her mission of “Customers First”. Having a modern and clean website helped her message stand out.

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Web Design & Development

Combining a bold blue with a soft silver gave the site a clean and fresh look. Keeping the focus on her message while using custom photos and graphics made the site pleasant to navigate and kept all information on the for front. Tacey has been extremely satisfied with the outcome, she is now able to keep her information current and a new direct line of communication to the most important people…..her customers first.

Branding Process

Hodur required a fresh new look and feel for the website and logo. We wanted to use soft gradient's for the grey partnered with dark blue to allow the design to leap off the page. Creating a sharp looking emblem for the work shirts and for the business card was a staple for the design.

hodur construction logo

Tacey Atkinson business card


Tacey Atkinson typography

Color Palette

Tacey Atkinson colour palette


Our approach was modern colors to keep the menu clean and easy to read. We wanted to ensure an elegant and user friendly experience for all visitors.

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Responsive Design

Whether you’re at home or on the go, our designers and developers made it possible for potential clients to connect with John at Hodur Construction and get all of the information they need in a simplified way.

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