Tacey Atkinson

Tacey Atkinson, like many other independent entrepreneurs, was at a loss. She had spent months working with unreliable website builders only to be left with a product that did not meet her standards. She had a clear vision, a modern website that kept her “customers first” mission at the focus. Frustrated she turned to her peers hoping for some advice and was referred to SLK by a previous client. SLK was quick to act. We listened carefully to Tacey’s vision and were able to deliver a product beyond expectations.

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Web Design & Development

With a team of experts behind her, Tacey, was given a beautiful and bold website that allowed her current client base to transition with ease thanks to the website’s intuitive new design. Custom photos and graphics allowed prospective clients to easily access information. A new direct line of communication was set up to keep information flowing efficiently between Tacey and her clients. A dynamic and detail-oriented person, Tacey eloquently and efficiently communicated her plans with the SLK team and this successful collaboration ensured continuity for Tacey’s brand and website.


Tacey Atkinson typography

Color Palette

Tacey Atkinson colour palette


Our approach was to utilize modern colours to keep the menu clean and easy to read. We wanted to ensure an elegant and user-friendly experience for all visitors.

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Responsive Design

Tacey could not be more pleased, she now has an elegant and responsive designed website that allows her to connect with her clients quickly, efficiently, and hassle-free. Her clients could not be happier, with all of the information they need at their fingertips.

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