Tacey Atkinson

Tacey Atkinson, like many other independent entrepreneurs, was at a loss. She had spent months working with unreliable website builders only to be left with a product that still did not meet her standards. She had a clear vision, a modern site that kept her “customers first” mission at the focus. Frustrated she turned to her peers hoping for some advice, luckily she was able to get a referral to SLK by a previous client. SLK was quick to act.

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Web Design & Development

With experts now behind her Tacey was given a beautiful and bold site that allowed her current customer base to transition with ease due to the intuitive new design. Custom photos and graphics allowed any perspective customers to access all the information they needed. Tacey is extremely dedicated to her business and as such had extremely detailed plans for her site, but no request was unachievable when she was working with her new team at SLK. A new direct line of communication was set up to keep the information flowing efficiently between Tacey and her customers.


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Color Palette

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Our approach was modern colors to keep the menu clean and easy to read. We wanted to ensure an elegant and user friendly experience for all visitors.

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Responsive Design

Tacey could not be more pleased, she now has an elegant and responsive design that allows her to connect with her customers no matter the circumstance. Her customers also couldn’t be happier, all of the information they could ever need is right there at their fingertips.

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