TWT Productions

SLK I.T. Solutions was approached by Tony to create a professional and informational website that would showcase his true passion for everything multimedia. Along with the newly designed website Tony wanted to update and streamline his outdated logo. He wanted to showcase his passion for multimedia and create a logo that reflected that. We took inspiration from both video and audio productions to bring the new logo to life. Our team created a fully custom website that Tony can update and maintain himself. Using custom fonts, custom icons and custom graphics we brought the love of multimedia into his sleek and modern website. We chose to use a more simplistic style with black and white as the main colours accompanied by a bright blue accent colour which made certain elements standout. This allowed the photography and videography to be the focal point and bring the site alive with colour. SLK wanted to show his services in an easy to read layout by utilizing the accordion style menu. The portfolio page was to be super simple and just let Tony’s amazing videos do the talking; we wanted to show 12 of his best videos that covered all areas. Tony was extremely satisfied with the outcome and has already made multiple content updates to the site.

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twt productions portfolio screen

Branding Process

Tony has always felt that he identified closely with the look and professionalism of the bowler hat gentlemen, this was the staple to be kept when updating the logo. We added elements that would represent the Video aspect with the screen and the audio aspect with the speaker. We wanted to have the ability to transform the logo including the layers within the screen to fit any need imaginable. We created two logo variations for production use; the horizontal one seen on the website and the vertical one which can be used for social media and branding. This will allow Tony to have a true representation of his logo on any media used and can be altered for any occasion.

twt logo horizontal
twt logo vertical
twt logo vertical Leafs


twt productions roboto typography


twt productions DTEK Drone typography

Dtek Drone

Color Palette

twt productions colour palette

Our approach was a very neutral colors but with a brighter alternative color to highlight the menu. We wanted to ensure all the aspects of TWT were represented in a user friendly experience.

twt productions pull quote image

Responsive Design

Whether you’re at home or on the go, our designers and developers made it possible for potential clients to connect with Tony at TWT Productions and get all of the information they need in a simplified way.

twt productions laptop
twt productions ipad
twt productions iphone