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What Makes A Good Business Logo

In this day and age, your brand can make or break the way people view your business. There are a lot of factors that make up your brand - colour scheme, trust, value, etc. However, there is one core piece to any businesses' brand that people relate and identity with, and it happens to be the most important.

The logo.


This is literally the backbone to your business. If it's bland or complicated, people won't look twice. On the other hand, if it's beautiful, powerful, yet simple, it will stick with them forever.

These factors are what make a great business logo:


You need to steer clear of the over-used, 90s / early 2000s theme of "globes" and "arrows". Big no-no. You need your logo to stand out from your competition.  One great idea that many companies tend to pass up is not having your logo represent your business. Seems counter-intuitive, doesn't it? Well, let me ask you this: is the Mercedes logo a car? Is the Apple logo a computer? Nope! Don't be afraid to think outside the box - uniqueness is what attracts people.


Logos that are able to adapt across multiple platforms are, by far, the stronger of the pack. Will your logo look beautiful on a business card, as well as a billboard? This is why creating a powerful, yet simple logo, is imperative. Keeping the design simple allows for flexibility.


Your logo needs to be targeted toward your marketed audience. It needs to accurately reflect the company's values. For example - if you're designing for children, approach the logo with a touch of fun. If you're designing for a law firm, do the opposite. It's also imperative to choose an appropriate colour scheme - reason being, every colour reflects certain industries, not to mention certain emotions.


The most memorable brands are timeless. How do you make a logo timeless? According to Eddie Opara, neutrality. "You look at the clean lines, the symmetry, the modernist structure, the neutrality behind it...and it really exposes the timeless quality," he says

In conclusion, what makes a great business logo is the ability to be unique, adaptive, appropriate to your industry and timeless. Making sure all of these standards are met guarantees a successful brand.

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