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Let us make your dream a reality.

Let us make your dream a reality.

Let us make your dream a reality.

Building Your Brand

Our creative team believes that building your brand on a solid foundation of unique concepts and imagery can elevate your business to heights you may have never dreamed of. With SLK, we build your brand on these solid foundations by researching; strategizing and brainstorming unique ideas that will help you stand out from the competition. From fonts, colours, to layouts, we execute each attribute of your design project to the highest quality. As passionate individuals, we continue to educate ourselves and keep in touch with the developing trends of today.

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Brand Strategy Plan

Our Brand Strategy follows these essential steps so that your brand will be built on a sound and solid foundation. We collaborate closely with our clients to ensure we capture their true vision.

phase 1
phase 2
phase 3
phase 4

Our Design Process

Step 1 Design Briefing

We begin our process by establishing key points to explore, project objectives and the aesthetic style that will best communicate to your audience.


Step 2 Design Research

After the briefing we then set out to explore your industry and audience. This step inspires our team to help with finding the perfect solution for your project.


Step 3 Preliminary Concepts

After applying the strategies from both Step 1 and 2, we develop preliminary concepts and present them to you. Each concept can take your project into a unique direction and we explain to you our rationale for each.


Step 4 Final Refinement

After you have chosen what concept you believe is best for your project, we begin to refine it and prepare it for the final launch.


Step 5 Project Launch

Whether its digital or print, the SLK promise for every project is the guarantee it will be given a perfect launch without the stress of technical hiccups.


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