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The Power of Multimedia Video and Photography

You've just created a business - or maybe, your business has been around for a while. Either way, it's time to hit the ground running and market your company. The problem is, you ask yourself - "where do I start?". Getting professional, 1080p, high definition photography or videography done can boost your company's image ten-fold. It is imperative that you understand your company image is everything. You only get once chance to make a lasting impression - why not leave your competition behind, and make it in high def?

There are a few key benefits as to why you should get professional photography or videography done, to boost your businesses' image.

Videos Can Effect People On An Emotional Level

Take 1 minute of your time, and watch this video:

 How did that make you feel? Shed a tear, perhaps - or at the very least, a stroke of empathy? This is the power of marketing through professional videography. Videos and photos have the ability to move you on an emotional level. Strong emotions = trust. Coming up with an emotionally-moving concept and bringing it to life, on screen or through photos, can not only boost your company's image exponentially, but can also bond your consumers to your company.

Boosts Your Company's Social Status

Think about it. Ever been to a website, or a YouTube Channel, that has amazing, high def videography or photography? Businesses that have professional quality production representing their business are not only taken more seriously, but they attract more customers which can result in exponential growth. 

Increases Brand Attractiveness

When you have professional video and photography representing your company's image, you can guarantee that consumers will view your brand as more attractive. Take the above video, for example. Extra's "Origami" video was produced in a 1080p, high definition format. How professional did that video look? Pretty amazing, if you ask us. 

Extend Your Client Base (share on social media)

This is where the beauty of social media comes into play. After you obtain professional video or photos representing your business, you now have the ability to share your masterpiece with the world. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest… with a unique concept, tied in with a powerful message through high definition, the chances of your video going viral sky rocket.

Informational - Show How To Use Your Product

According to Neil Fleming, 65% of people are visual learners. If you have professional photos or video, showcasing how your service or product works, people will be more inclined to gather more information about your business. For a great example, check out MailChimp's video on how to use their e-mail marketing service below.

In conclusion, branding your company through professional, high definition images and video can help your business in numerous ways. It can boost your company's social status, increase brand attractiveness, extend your client base, be informational and lastly, can be entertaining.

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