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The Top 3 Ways of Marketing Your Website Online

So - you now have your website fully designed, developed and live on the web. Congratulations! But, there's still one lingering question - who's going to find it? Well, if you don't market your site properly online, let us tell you.


Simply putting your website online will not garner any traffic whatsoever, especially if your industry is competitive. Sure, maybe friends, family, colleagues, and prospects whom you've given your business card may go to your website… but we can't guarantee anyone else will. It is extremely important that you market your website properly, in order to maximize traffic and receive potential leads.

Let us break down the top three ways of marketing your website online.

seoSEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Ever heard of Google? This is where you want to excel - this is where all the traffic is. You want your website to be, at the very least, on the first page of Google. Even better, in the first top 3 results. According to one study, 94% of people that search for something on Google do not go past the first page of results. This means, if you're not on the first page of results, your website is virtually meaningless (in the sense of SEO).

Furthermore, a study from Optify shows that the first three results get the highest CTR (click-through-rate), at 58.4%. If your website is in those top three, you will be getting a LOT of traffic. More traffic = more possible leads.

Social Media Marketing

This platform is extremely important in getting your name out there. Having your company represented on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc., is literally your marketing gateway to the internet. You have the potential to building up your fan-base to numbers in the millions. With any size fan base on social media, big or small - any announcement (new website, blog post) or product / service you sell will be projected to them. Not only is this great for informing consumers about your business, but they can share this information among friends. This can lead to even more business for you.

PPC (Pay Per Click)

PPC is a form of online marketing. You essentially pay a fee to have your website displayed on a search engine's results page, website or blog, whenever someone searches for specific keywords or phrases that are related to your website. You pay this fee based on either views of these ads, or when someone clicks on them.

The reason why PPC is such a great tool for marketing, is this - it targets individuals that are already expressing interest in the area of your business. You're ultimately putting your name out there, and when someone is looking for a certain topic or product you sell, they come to you.

In conclusion, marketing your company online is an absolute must - if you want your website / company to become successful. Through successful search engine optimization, social media marketing and pay per click campaigns, you'll be getting more traffic to your website than you can handle.

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