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The Importance of Protecting Your Website

Picture this. Your website designers and developers have worked hard on bringing your business to life on the web. Your website is live, and man, does it look good. You share it around to your friends and family. Compliments, coming from the left and right - hooray!

All of a sudden, you get an e-mail from a friend. "What happened to your website? It's not working". You call your web developer, you ask them why your site isn't showing up. They tell you those five, stomach-sinking words no business owner ever wants to hear.

"Your website has been hacked".



Protect Your Site

Your website needs protection. Most people don't understand the severity of risks and consequences when it comes to hackers. Even worse, small business owners think, "Psh, I'm just a small guy on the big internet. No-one will attack me!". Doesn't matter. Those business owners aren't aware that most hackers use automated tools to find vulnerable sites. 

The Importance Of Security

Your website is your brand. More often than not, it's your first contact with customers. If it's not safe, if it's not secure… those relationships can be compromised.

There are a few different things hackers can do to your site, if they get their hands on them:

- Infecting it with malware

- Steal information (names, email addresses, credit card / other transaction information)

- Adding your website to a bonnet of infected sites

- Hijacking your website

- Crashing your website

A single security breach can literally bring your business to it's knees. It can also tarnish your business' reputation to potential customers, and clients.

In conclusion, without security for your website, it can literally destroy your business' image with ease. It's so important to protect your website from hackers, so you and your customers can feel safe, knowing that their information is protected.

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