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Watch What You Do On Facebook

In this day and age, technology has come so far - so far, that through social media networks like Facebook, are connected to everyone at all times. Truly amazing - but it can also be something else.

Truly daunting.

Yes, Facebook can be convenient in the sense that you can connect with friends and family, organize events - and even see what your ex boyfriend, girlfriend, husband or wife are up to! On a serious note, most people are blind to how potentially damaging Facebook can be to your financial and personal life. After reading the following points, you might want have second thoughts as to what you do on Facebook.

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A Facebook Crime Every 40 Minutes

Every 40 minutes, a crime linked to Facebook is reported to police. As of 2012, officers logged 12,300 alleged offences involving Facebook. Investigations involving murder, rape, child offenses, kidnap, assault, death threats, witness intimidation and fraud were included. This, in itself, should make your skin crawl. Even if you think posting something to Facebook may be harmless, it very much so may not be. This is general warning to not only watch what you post, but who you talk to.

Posting Your Birth Date And Place

Lets say you just posted the year you were born and the location. You've just given identity thieves a key to stealing your financial life. A study done by Carnegie Mellon showed that simply posting this information can predict the numbers of your Social Security number.

Posting Your Vacation Plans

There's no better way to say, "Rob me, please", then posting when you're going on vacation. It's a better idea to post the pictures of your vacation when you get back, opposed to telling people when you'll be gone.

Posting Your Home Address

40% of people have their home address listed on Facebook; an even more shocking statistic, 65% didn't even attempt to utilize Facebook's privacy settings. In short, you are giving strangers a free ride to where you live.

Posting Confessionals

There are some people that hate their jobs, lie on their taxes or even recreationally use illicit substances. Let me say this once - this is not the place to confess. According to one study, 8% of companies fired someone for "misuse" of Facebook. Complain to friends or family, but never do this online. It can be used against you.

Posting Risky Behaviour

Having a drink or two after a long week at the office is completely fine. Posting your blackout drunk pictures to Facebook, is not. According to one study, 91% of employers use Facebook to screen applicants. That picture you posted of you and your friends having fun on St. Patty's, may very well keep you out of a job.

In conclusion, it's best to steer clear from posting important information to Facebook. It's also best practice not to post when you're going on vacation, your home address, risky behaviour, or to even complain. You could end up out of a job, your identity stolen, or worse - in jail.

Be wise. Watch what you post to Facebook.

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