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How to Setup and Use System Restore on Windows 10

We have all had that time when your Windows computer just had a hiccup or has shown an error screen. Luckily there is a System restore option that can sometimes come to the rescue. The only down fall to this is it must be setup before it can be used. Continue reading to see how you can setup System Restore to recover from some catastrophic errors.

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Adding IMAP Email to Outlook YouTube Video

SLK has uploaded its first how-to YouTube video for adding IMAP email to Outlook. In this video you will get step by step instructions for configuring your Outlook 2010 with an SSL IMAP email account. With the growing need for access to email and the popularity of how-to videos, we wanted to make sure we had the best tools for our clients when making any transitions.

SLK’s YouTube channel will be a one stop place for all Email, Joomla, Magento and Computer tips, as well as some how-to’s that are relevant in today’s industry. Check back here for any updates or new releases.

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