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Welcome to our first official blog entry!

First, allow me to introduce myself, my name is Sylwester Kowalski and I am the founder and director at SLK I.T. Solutions Inc. I feel very fortunate to have found my true calling in life, as I have always been passionate about the information technology industry and anything to do with the Internet and computers.

I graduated from Sheridan College in Oakville with a Systems Analyst Co-op diploma and started working for the Oakville Soccer Club – the largest community soccer club in North America – immediately after graduation. I spent five years at OSC where I gained an unparalleled level of experience as I was responsible for initiating and overseeing a wide array of I.T. projects for the club including a full website redesign and relaunch.

While working on the new OSC website I began to fully realize the importance of a well designed, properly maintained, classy yet fully functional website. I realized I could step away from the ‘corporate world’ and help other businesses, big and small, establish or rebuild their online presence and in turn, achieve their own unique goals for their company.

In 2006, I founded SLK I.T. Solutions with the vision of being a leader in the information technology industry, keeping on top of the latest trends in technology and helping clients maximize their online potential. I gathered together a strong team of professionals, all with unique skill sets and backgrounds, and focused on providing innovative and economical I.T. solutions to businesses worldwide.

I decided to start an official SLK blog so I can parlay my passion for the industry into easy to understand information that will hopefully benefit not only my clients, but anyone searching for I.T. answers. I will share lessons and best practices of the industry – including, but not limited to, my personal experiences with various projects. I will explore common I.T. problems and tribulations as well as explore various solutions.

Blog posts will include technical advice, website advice, technical trends, I.T. best practices, problem resolution, answers to frequently asked technical questions and anything else I.T. related that catches my eye and I believe is worth sharing. Through my experience in this industry I’ve learned that the I.T. world is constantly evolving – to this day I am always learning. I believe sharing knowledge and experience is important and can ultimately help everyone achieve their goals at any level.

Your own feedback (questions, comments) regarding these posts is very much encouraged! Feel free to ask me any questions about your own I.T. experiences or struggles, or share any of your own tricks of the trade that you have picked up along the way. I do ask that you keep your comments clean and respectful and SLK does reserve the right to remove any comments that contain profanity, disrespectful language or spam. If you prefer to contact me privately please feel free to head over to the ‘Contact Us’ page of our website for additional ways to get in touch.
Thanks for checking out the SLK Blog! Be sure to check back frequently for new posts and updates.

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