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4 Tips For Getting Noticed On Social Media

Getting recognized on social media can be a challenge. There is so much competition for engagement that it’s hard to know where to start to get your business noticed. So here are a few tips on how to effectively write social media posts so that people will actually read them.

Social Media Platforms

Brief is Better

Times are definitely changing. People don’t want to spend their time reading a large block of text. In fact, posts with 80 characters or less get 66% more engagement (i.e. likes and comments) than posts with 81 characters or more. People want to get their information as quickly as possible and then want to move on to the next thing. The key is to hook the reader with as few words as possible, giving you more of a chance that they’ll chose to continue reading.

Choose your characters wisely.

On Twitter, you only have 140 characters to engage the reader, so every word is valuable. In a research study done by Dan Zarrella, he found that the top most tweeted word is “you.” People like feeling like they are directly being talked to. Others that topped the list were “twitter,” “please,” “blog post,” and “free.” Get to know what’s trending, and tailor your word choices accordingly. The same goes for other social media platforms as well.

Pictures are worth a thousand words

Across all social media platforms, images are taking over for text. Instagram and Pinterest are already exclusively image-based, and Twitter and Facebook aren’t far behind. And it isn’t hard to see why. Photos get 53% more Likes, 104% more comments and 84% more click-throughs than just simple text or link posts. If you want to increase your readers, you have to cater to what they like. Photographs, infographics and videos will engage more people than text, plain and simple.

Find out what your audience likes first, then write more about it

Rather than guessing what people want to read about, and having to go through hit and miss social media posts, test out your ideas first. Make a Facebook or Twitter post about an insight, idea, quote or questions and see the response it gets. Once you see which gets the most attention, write a blog post about it and then promote it on the same platform. Since you’ve already seen how many people are interested in the topic, you’ll be more like to get positive feedback and more responses than before. Your blog will then only feature posts that you know your readers are already interested in.

Social media is a constantly changing platform. Once you think you’ve got the rules figured out, they can change in an instant. The key is to pay attention at what trends are most recent and gear your social media posts accordingly. This is give you a bigger chance of engaging your existing readers and hopefully drawing in many more new ones as well.

If you're interested in engaging your company and becoming more active on social media, contact us today.

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