Janitorial Service Plus

JSP is a well known name in the janitorial cleaning and maintenance services industry. When the company's top management met us with the need to design their website, we understood that their primary reason for choosing us was our approach towards website building. The website was created to amplify the client's core expertise and provide an online identity they can be proud of. We opted to keep the design simple, which allowed more focus on the information and online presence. JSP now has the power to keep their website up to date with relavant information or news. Follow the link to stay up to date with everything that is happening at Janitorial Service Plus.

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Web Design & Development

One of the key focal points while designing and building the website for Janitorial Service Plus (JSP) was to create a site that works equally well on the laptop, desktop, and smartphone. A mock site was prototyped and using Joomla Content Management System to create the final site. Joomla has been pioneering website creation for a long now, and it helped us create a user-friendly easy-to-operate site for JSP. At every point, the team at JSP was present to brainstorm and interact with us, helping us understand how things work in their industry. Kudos to the JSP and our team that have worked like the arms of a clock to help create this amazing responsive site using one of the award-winning CMS.

One key aspect of designing this site for JSP was to develop the custom slideshow so that the traffic to the site is immediately attracted and is there long enough to engage with the onsite content. Similarly, our team has focused on using customized graphics to offer an immersive experience to the users. The JSP slideshow uses key design elements like images, texts, and videos to make the entire content more interesting and engaging for users.


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Color Palette

Janitorial Service Plus colour palette