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For over 25 years Francine was a Senior HR Leader at Siemens in Canada, and as she branched out on her own, she chose SLK to go on the journey with her as IT Solutions consultants. Francine needed a range of services including the creation of a custom website, custom graphics and buttons, a custom registration form, and custom website animation. As an HR consulting firm, the website needed to evocate expertise and dynamism. Thanks to a warm referral, SLK had the pleasure of working together with Francine and turning her vision into a reality.

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Web Design & Development

Francine was involved in the website development from A to Z and the project was extensively collaborative. Francine’s eloquent and decided manner aided in expressing her thoughts concisely, allowing our team to fully envision her concept and deliver a successful finished product. The project started with a full custom mockup of the website where Francine and SLK worked together in editing and making decisions on layouts, buttons etc. before the site went live. The custom slideshow was created to give a quick look into ITP’s work, both visually, and through digestible text over the images. Francine chose the lightbulb image in the home page slideshow, a metaphor for the enlightenment and new ideas/concepts she provides her clients. We added stock images throughout the website for their high resolution and quality, portraying the upmost professionalism and elegance. Because ITP runs workshop series, Francine and her team will have to update information regularly. Our team built a custom website on Joomla CMS in order to make editing and updating easy for the ITP team, that way the content always stays fresh and current. SLK also created a custom online form which ties directly into PayPal, making it easy for clients to sign up to workshops digitally. This allows ITP’s online traffic to remain on their website instead of moving onto a third partythird-party website. Francine was such a great client and project partner and we hope to continue working with her as her company continues growing in the human resources consulting field.


A custom logo was created for ITP, a logo that reflected colors of trust and stability, as well as colors that have become staples in business sector. The Logo had to be simple yet powerful and imposing, which is why our team and Francine decided to go with long block letters.


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Color Palette

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PT Root UI

Our approach was modern colors to keep the menu clean and easy to read. We wanted to ensure an elegant and user friendly experience for all visitors.

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Responsive Design

The seasoned and professional characteristics that are at the core of both Francine and ITP are resplendent on the website. Whether at home or on the go, ITP clients can remain connected to ITP’s work and can easily sign up to new workshops and opportunities provided by this Human Resource powerhouse.

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