Danmare Group Inc

Danmare was referred to us by an existing client. They needed the ability to manage their own website in house. They had outdated content and many of the existing website features were not working correctly. We were able to provide a temporary fix for their current website while working on bringing all of their content to a new platform that they could manage in house. Danmare required a fully responsive website that displayed their important information which would be easy to read and navigate. We provided essential training so they could fully manage and update all content. Implementing simple animations allowed us to show the relative information in a clean and sleek way.

danmare group portfolio screen

Web Design & Development

Using their current logo, we took the light blue and grey to make a standout website. We used a timeline to show the progression of their company and a filtered layout for their portfolio. The changes have gained more traffic and business since they are able to make regular updates and keep their clients and potential clients up to date.


danmare group roboto condensed typography

Color Palette

danmare group colour palette

Roboto Condensed

Danmare needed the ability to update their website with new projects and clients. We made it easy to manage so their team could make changes in house.

danmare group pull quote

Responsive Design

Whether you’re at home or on the go, our designers and developers made it possible for Danmare’s clients and potential clients to connect with Danmare Group Inc and to stay on top of all upcoming news and announcements.

Danmare Group laptop
Danmare Group ipad
Danmare Group iphone

“SLK I.T. Solutions was able to help us get away from our old hosting company and gave us the ability to manage our site and gave us a direct line to our clients and customers."
Danmare Group Inc.