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Stephanie is a loyal client with whom we have had the pleasure of working with on several occasions. She founded All About Sports because she believes in the power of sport to improve people’s lives. A sports world veteran, Stephanie has worked with the New York Yankees, the National Hockey League, Varsity Blues Athletics and Ontario Soccer, among other organizations. Stephanie needed assistance to showcase her passion and expertise in a digital platform where clients could view and stay current on her work. SLK wanted to do its part in bringing her company’s branding to the next level. Working on a variety of services, from creating a logo to securing a domain, SLK worked pragmatically to make sure that All About Sports’ digital identity fit into Stephanie’s goals. It was great to work with Stephanie again, and turn her vision into reality.

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Web Design & Development

The enthusiasm Stephanie has for sports fueled this project and helped direct it. For the logo, we went through a series of mock ups and collaboratively chose the current one. The focus was on the dynamic and active environment of sports to create an inclusive logo, representing sports diversity. The colors used are synonymous with the outdoors and movement, aligning perfectly with All About Sports’ brand. SLK wanted to showcase Stephanie’s passion through the use of images, which is why we set up a custom slideshow on the homepage. The slideshow images are easily changeable, allowing Stephanie to keep her page fresh. The project also included creating custom digital templates and business cards, making her brand uniform and professional. SLK was able to fit Stephanie’s passion into her digital needs and create custom work that ensures her clients a positive online journey when they access her website.


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Color Palette

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Stephanie’s goal of helping as many sports organizations make an impact in their communities has become more attainable with a cohesive brand and website.

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Responsive Design

Whether at home or on the go, our designers and developers made it possible for Stephanie clients and potential clients to connect with All About Sports and stay updated with all their news and updates.

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