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From humble beginnings in 1993, Breakaway Distributing has become the number one choice for quality custom-printed products in the greater Hamilton area. Frank and Greg’s philosophy of providing customers with competitive pricing and personalized customer service has been a cornerstone of their success. When it came time to create an online presence, Frank and Greg turned to SLK for assistance.

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Web Design & Development

The first task was to create a mock up for a fully functioning e-commerce website and move from that to a final version which we created collaboratively, and with the final approval from Breakaway. SLK wanted to use assets that Breakaway had already established through their many years in business, and highlight Breakaway Distributing’s specialties in their sector. We used original photography and graphic features to highlight these best assets. One of our main goals was to apply the character of the store and logo to the style of the website. This ensures that their web presence and store maintains a strong and cohesive brand image. In keeping with their business originality we created a custom quote option that allowed customers to get custom quotes for their customized products and became an efficient way of allowing customers to create their custom orders online. Thanks to our success in providing Breakaway Distributing custom growth solutions for their online business we have continually increased our business with them. Since then we have provided them with all of our I.T. solutions and trained their staff on how to add products to the site and manage orders in-house.

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Color Palette

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Our research of the industry led us in the direction of designing a website that displays a sense of stability, professionalism and character.

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Responsive Design

Our designers and developers made it possible for everyone to be able to connect to Breakaway Distributing. Whether you are on the go or simply at home, you can always connect to Breakaway Distributing.

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“Our research of the industry led us in the direction of designing a website that displays a sense of stability, professionalism and character.”
Greg - Owner of Breakaway Distributing