Yellow Cup Café

An independently owned café, Yellow Cup Café’s European charm and eclectic vibe has turned it into a well-loved establishment visited by locals and tourists alike. Barbara started Yellow Cup Café 20 years ago and as the café and clientele grew she approached us to help evolve Yellow Cup’s web presence and support her I.T. needs.

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Web Design & Development

Since our first visit to the café, we enjoyed its rustic and distinctive style and our research revealed patrons felt the same way. This influenced us to design a website that depicted the physical location. We successfully executed this concept by using original photography and the rugged features of the café such as the warm wood tones, the chalk hand lettering and the woodblock lettering. All these features give the website the same cozy and homey feel one gets when visiting the physical location. The menu-style fonts and homepage colors are charming and authentic. There is a natural flow to the website, the same flow one expects when picking up a menu. An added custom feature was also the creation of a catering form in order to fulfill the growing catering demands. This streamlined the catering sector of the business, allowing Barbara to use her time with maximum efficiency instead of getting bogged down in paperwork. Since launching their website, Yellow Cup Café continues to grow and we have been their proud provider of I.T. Solutions.

The Works

It was a pleasure to photograph Yellow Cup Café and implement their unique style to the website. The Café has seen the benefits of a great web presence with the addition of new loyal and happy customers.

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Color Palette

yellow cup cafe colour palette

All these features give the website the same cozy and homey feel one gets when visiting the physical location.

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“The finished website exceeded our expectations as it was able to portray the character that our business has in person, online.”
Barbara - Owner of Yellow Cup Café


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