First Class Fleet Service / First Class Spring and Suspension


A client with a multi-service business, First Class Fleet Service needed assistance with bringing their scope of work into the digital space. SLK focused on the company’s longstanding identity as a base point for website creation, logo adjustment, and business listing. By using high resolution images, the website perfectly showcases First Class’ work, while providing in-depth information of all the services they provide. The visual and textual elements blend together to give a wholesome picture of a company that holds many elements.


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Web Design & Development

SLK focused on colors of First Class’ industry, specifically the grey of concrete and steel of trucks, and the red which symbolizes power and action, a symbol for First Class’ intimidating trucking fleet. The website colors beautifully complemented the high resolution photographs used on the website, pictures that contained variations of those colors, making the website seamless and coherent. Creating one website for two separate companies was a new challenge, and SLK succeeded in making all elements flow. We created a website where clients could get all pertinent information as well as a place to showcase First Class’ projects in a simplified, professional manner.


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Color Palette

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The biggest challenge was creating one website for two companies, while making it feel like one.

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Responsive Design

Whether at home or on the go, our designers and developers made it possible for all customers and clients to connect with First Class Fleet Service and First Class Spring and Suspension.

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"SLK I.T. Solutions were on site to provide great website training and to do a photoshoot to showcase the custom stretch trucks and great work we've completed."
Chris, President, First Class Fleet Service