First Class Fleet Service / First Class Spring and Suspension


First Class approached us to help bring their identity into the online space. They required logo adjustments, custom website and help with their business listings. SLK wanted to keep the feel of First Class’ location and work as the essential design of the site. Showcasing the amazing work with great photography in a slideshow or detailing the services available at First Class.


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Web Design & Development

Utilizing the photography is what made this site standout. Custom graphics, icons and buttons allowed the information to speak for itself.


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Color Palette

first class colour palette

Creating a website for two companies, while making it feel like one was one of the biggest challenges.

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Responsive Design

Whether you’re at home or on the go, our designers and developers made it possible for all customers and clients to connect with First Class Fleet Service and First Class Spring and Suspension. We wanted to provide a place to get all of the information and showcase completed projects to customers in a simplified way.

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"SLK I.T. Solutions were on site to provide great website training and to do a photoshoot to showcase the custom stretch trucks and great work we've completed."
Chris, President, First Class Fleet Service