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Entrepreneurs need smart resources in order to maximize their time and capital. For over 20 years, Axiom Wealth Management has been a solid resource for entrepreneurs by providing boutique-style consulting specializing in Risk and Wealth Management. A veteran in an extremely competitive field, Axiom understands that standing out, differentiating yourself, and providing excellent customer care, are at the core of success. Axiom needed assistance in redesigning their web presence and SLK obligingly took on the task.

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Web Design & Development

The Axiom website is most accessed by business minded individuals, which is why, as a team, we brought out business elements to accentuate Axiom’s online character. By using graphs and grid-style graphics we targeted entrepreneurs who are used to working with such media and whose brains are visually and numerically oriented. In terms of colors, we used the logo colors which are symbolic of trust and loyalty. SLK used all these elements and more to create a user-friendly website that boasts excellent visuals that perfectly portray Axiom’s expertise and line of service. The content is easily formattable and changeable, making it easier for the website to be edited internally. Axiom was extremely satisfied with the services and have chosen us as their sole I.T. solutions provider.

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Color Palette

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Our research of the industry led us in the direction of designing a website that displays a sense of stability, professionalism and character.

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Responsive Design

Whether at home or on the go, our designers and developers made it possible for Axiom’s clients and potential clients to connect with Axiom and to learn more about their services and expertise.

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“SLK I.T. Solutions delivered on their promise to put together a website for us that professionally presented our firm to our clients and those interested in our services.”
Darin - Managing Partner of Axiom Wealth Management