New Garden Spa

Basia established New Garden Spa to share her passion and provide the best in spa treatments. A physical sanctuary, New Garden Spa needed clear branding and a digital platform to inform clients and prospective clients of its services. Basia turned to SLK for her digital and branding needs and we were happy to assist by creating a beautiful website and logo that communicate the essence of New Garden Spa.

new garden spa portfolio screen

Web Design & Development

The colors used for the website and logo are vibrant, yet peaceful, giving the brand a fresh look that is grounded in nature and bliss. The three main colors complement each other creating a harmonious vibe throughout the website, and the flowers in the logo add a touch of elegance and personality. Each element was meticulously designed to reflect the tranquil spirit of New Garden Spa. Once the look of her brand was complete, we began to develop a fully custom responsive website that would help her connect with her clientele. We created a custom online form that provides customers the opportunity to book an appointment online. This form streamlined her process for booking appointments and continues to be a convenient source for customers to connect with New Garden Spa. The overall website was designed with beauty and simplicity in mind, and through SLK’s efforts of making her website functional, Basia can easily manage updates and changes without making it a burden. New Garden Spa now provides bliss for its customers both online and offline.

Branding Process

To represent the serene and tranquil spirit of the brand, we took advantage of Warnock Pro's italic style. We designed a new letter "g" and elongated the form of both the letter "w" and "g" respectively.

new garden spa logo
new garden spa notebook


warnock pro typographyWARNOCK PRO

Color Palette

new garden spa colour palette

From the soft colour palette to the ornamental flourishes of her logo, each element was designed meticulously to reflect the tranquil nature of New Garden Spa.

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