Polmaster Construction and Tile Ltd.

Polmaster is a tile installation company with more than three decades of experience in the industry. With a well-deserving network of manufacturers to support it, Polmaster is one of the most trusted ones in the region they are based in for the construction and tile industry. Since the installation of titles is the core activity, their website needed to have attractive visual elements with minimal text. The Home page, as can be seen, is a classic example of what the client loved the most about our work. Seamless, straightforward with emphasized high-resolution images without loading delays are the key features of the site designed and developed by SLK. The now have the ability to keep their site up to date with current projects and keep in touch with all their happy clients.

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Polmaster portfolio screen

Web Design & Development

The right mix of visual elements is essential when it comes to showcasing the final product. Hence, as a standard, we have included the custom slideshow that gives a brief of every product and service offered by Polmaster. The slideshow has been kept simple and uncluttered. Similarly, the photo gallery and custom graphics have been suitably integrated into the web desi to create an impressive look and feel. The quotation form helps in the easy connection between interested visitors and the company. It was important to record important details of the customer – hence a detailed quote form has been created. Care has been taken not to make it too lengthy or complicated for the user to fill out.


The Carnegie Initiative typography

Color Palette

The Carnegie Initiative colour palette

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