Greenrock Builders LTD

Greenrock Builders is a trusted eco-conscious construction company in Canada. They pride themselves on great customer satisfaction and positive experience for every level of project. We have endeavored to create a website that amply projects this trust and authenticity. We have used the right blend of colors, layout, and graphics to make an intricately well-presented website that allows Greenrock to showcase many of their beautiful completed projects. The name that Greenrock has built for itself is viably represented on this site.

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Greenrock Builders portfolio screen

Web Design & Logo

No website is complete without visual elements. It is not enough to embed these elements in the site; it is equally important to ensure that the right element is used at the appropriate place. We have worked collectively with the GR team to ensure that the right elements are integrated into the website for the best results. We have elaborately used slideshows to highlight key service points and features of the company. The photo gallery has been created with the objective that the visitor gets a feel of how services are rendered by the professional team of GR.

Being a service company it is important to have an easy-to-fill contact form which gives potential customers a quick and direct way to contact Greenrock. Whether you are inspired by the beautiful photo galleries or have your plan ready, Greenrock is here to help bring all your dreams a reality.

Logo Design

The design team at SLK worked closely with Greenrock to build the perfect logo to represent their brand. We incorporated the look of the shovel and hammer to showcase a very modern design. Greenrock wanted the colors to be neutral with two shades of green to represent a greener world.

Greenrock Builders logo


Greenrock Builders  typography

Color Palette

The Carnegie Initiative colour palette